Hey loves…




There is something beautiful about pain but there is everything ugly about loss.


It had been three days in my room without ever letting my eyes catch the sun. The man was gone and my heart had died the moment he closed the door.


I had spent the night, our last together curled up in his arms holding on to black tea he had made me. We had made love and I was watching the rain as he tagged on my nipple, playfully. The rain was extra sexy that night.


I had fallen asleep on his chest. He had whispered something I did not wish to hear. He had stayed up all night.


Dawn had found me doing my salutations and him on his way out. Hey my salutations extended. Bye, this has to happen he did not crack a smile.


It has been two days of holding onto faint hope, he will call, he must, he should!!!


Today has not been a day, it is still two days of holding on to dear hope. My heart has a fading beat.


Is it today yet?





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Images: Internet

Words: ©MissKabura


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