Hello loves, been a quiet month…happy new month my darlings.




The moon knows nothing about a broken heart. Even when it is fading into a new nothingness, it allows darkness to rest on us with much grace. The moon remains gracious even when its losing pieces of itself to the sky.


You have seen dark days and the cold hits you in new waves. It feels warm, it is comfortable. You need hugs but you need to be away from yourself. Your soul grows old but you are a pretty young being that dreams of true love, yearns to be broken, you desire to swim in an ocean that never ends and maybe you could sink into a world of strangeness. You dream of crowds and mouths chanting to your name but it could be comfortable being a being in a world no one else could settle in.


You could have been in love, maybe you are or maybe you are just an animal. You like nights, they allow you to smoke out your skin and the stars make you picture perfect. You repeat the I LOVE YOUs more than you should. Maybe you need to convince yourself that you can still love. Even on nights when all is lost, you are still ready to keep all pictures perfect, “I love you”. It feels beautiful to pretend that you could belong, just for a couple of seconds…you could have been but you are not in love, not tonight.


You are scared of your eyes against the moon but you like it reminds you of beauty. You could be someone but you are not. You are a whole lot of tears, bitterness and a long way from curling into a person you recognize. All this time you have been running away from yourself you have been beautiful, everything you possibly are is home.




Thank you for stopping by




Images: @kkaesa

Words: ©Miss_Kabura


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  1. I love this though especially The moon knows nothing about a broken heart.

    1. misskabura says:

      Thank you so much

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