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This is adapted from a title of a Birdy song, one of her few fast-beat songs and yes, fast is used intentionally here. However, the feels/emotion in this song is too heavy to ignore. Birdy, sings at note C, naturally in life and her dreams (I’d love to believe). Note C brings about the melancholic feel in music and that might explain why Birdy doesn’t have to struggle to have all her songs annoyingly sad, I mean, she managed to make Beiber sound sorry in that re-make of his sorry song.


‘It’s been a moment and I have not talked to you, not seen you and the last of those was somewhat destroyed. You are lovely my darling but ugly takes over you sometimes and on those times I too become ugly. I said I could stay and the echo lost every word. Then you stirred a storm in my eyes leaving me with your ghost to hold. I bet you didn’t know that liquid ground has a way of swallowing its subjects.’


Birdy has a habit of making me cry every time I have to listen to her but I learn to run to her on my gloomy days. She is depressingly beautiful, she makes sad feel like a perfect holiday home. More important, she allows me to grief, cry and all this is in silence, Birdy is as calm as they come, always centered. There is no finding new life for me without Birdy holding my hand and singing me a sweet lullaby.


‘There has been no finding you and I am in a way breaking or already broken. For the first time in my life I have found a darkness that scares me and I do not want to be caught up in it. I need you to say something, I need saving, I need light, I need you. There has been a lot of existence hoping that you are alive and if otherwise maybe I could begin looking for your soul among strangers. But first I need to learn how broken souls soar. I am a needy being but I guess you have never read that in my eyes.’


What am I doing?

Going through Birdy’s music amidst tears, even on days I am N.U.M.B Birdy is somewhere asking me to fix my wings and maybe I could fly to a place that can hold us both.





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Images: WorldWideWeb?

Words: ©MissKabura


Listen to wings


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