Hey loves There are volcanos where sun meets earth and it is on these horizons that I realise the battles we have willed to kill us. It is here that I get to watch the death of every beautiful us. We might never rise again, afraid to never set as fiercely as today. I hope … Continue reading VANITY



Hey loves... There is the beautiful feeling of watching the sun come up and hitting your face and today was no different. There was you and I, waiting on the mountain as the sun rose on our faces. You were as beautiful as you always are and my heart was colder than the sun on … Continue reading WHEN THE SUN COMES


Hey we scratch creative itches 🤗🤗🤗 I might write about you tonight. I will let my walls carry our story and tattoo all their corners in our names. We could have been beautiful but beauty knows ugly too and ugly let you slip easy without a fight. My dear stranger, You were all the … Continue reading OCEANS